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Founded in 1992, PREI Capital Group has helped homeowners finance over $1.5 billion in real estate loans.

Our mission is your success.

Ross is a mortgage pundit with an extensive network of bank lending relationships. He has a high proficiency for mortgage underwriting guidelines, specifically relating to divorce mortgage transactions. This skill – coupled with his lender relationships – affords Ross’ clients the highest rate of success when applying for a mortgage whether before, or after divorce.

Prior to joining PREI, Ross served as a Private Mortgage Banker with the Wells Fargo Private Bank located in Beverly Hills, where he contributed to the origination of over $500 million in residential mortgage financing.

Ross has earned a unique designation as a Certified Divorce Lending Professional (CDLP). He is well versed in navigating complex divorce scenarios which require specifically structured financing and a high-level of expertise. He has been involved in hundreds of divorce financing cases and is often called upon to serve as a valuable resource for Family Law Attorneys and Finance Professionals as they evaluate their clients divorce settlement options.

Jay has been an active real estate broker since 1981. Early in this career, he was involved in formulating real estate partnerships that acquired apartment buildings in Northern CA. In 1991, he founded PREI Capital Group to meet the challenges of client’s mortgage financing needs.

Since the inception of PREI Capital Group, he has established steadfast relationships with many banks and conventional lending institutions. These relationships have afforded his company the ability to fund in excess of $1 billion in residential financing and close over 3,000 transactions. All of his loans are generated through a 100% referral base.

Jay is especially known for his unrivaled knowledge of the nuances of mortgage financing as he has watched the lending market evolve over the past 30+ years. During this time, he has also originated an abundance of divorce loans and has developed strong relationships with Family Law Professionals throughout the entire Bay Area.

Jay holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of San Francisco, class of 1978.

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