PREI Capital Group

Trusted Advisors, And Your Biggest Advocates.

A family business you can count on.

Trusted Advisors, 
And Your Biggest Advocates.

Proven Track Record

Founded in 1985, PREI Capital Group has a long and reliable track record. We have funded over $1.5 Billion in new mortgage loans since inception. We’ve built and maintained strong lender relationships, which translates to more opportunities for our borrowers. We pride ourselves on trust, transparency, speed, and simplicity.

Creative Strategies + Solutions

Some applications are more challenging than others. We thrive on challenges, and we have solutions for even the most challenging circumstances.

Trusted Lender Relationships

We know our lenders, and they know us. This translates to more opportunities, and better rates for our borrowers.

Lifetime Guarantee

Interest rates change daily, that’s why we are always monitoring them. If rates improve, you’ll be the first to know!

Ross Garcia

Partner & Broker

Jay Garcia

Owner & Broker